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전설적 생물 — 인간 암살자


대학살의 소녀가 전장에 들어올 때, 다른 모든 생물은 턴종료까지 -1/-1을 받는다. 생물이 이번 턴에 죽을 때마다, 대학살의 소녀를 제외한 다른 모든 생물은 턴종료까지 -1/-1을 받는다.


Illustrated by 나이키 오프화이트 레플리카

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Duel Cmdr.
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Notes and Rules Information for 오프화이트 명화 :
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. 나이키 오프화이트 콜라보 . (Scryfall note)
  • Massacre Girl’s enters-the-battlefield triggered ability and its delayed triggered ability each affect only creatures on the battlefield at the time that those abilities resolve. Creatures that enter the battlefield or become creatures later in the turn won’t get -1/-1 unless the delayed triggered ability triggers and resolves again later. (2019-05-03)
  • Once Massacre Girl’s enters-the-battlefield ability has triggered, it doesn’t matter whether Massacre Girl remains on the battlefield. The delayed triggered ability will be created as the enters-the-battlefield ability resolves. (2019-05-03)
  • Creatures that die while Massacre Girl’s triggered ability is still on the stack won’t cause its delayed triggered ability to trigger since that delayed triggered ability hasn’t been created yet. (2019-05-03)
  • A creature with 0 toughness doesn’t die immediately. Rather, the creature dies the next time a player would receive priority. This means that any creatures whose toughness becomes 0 as Massacre Girl’s enters-the-battlefield ability resolves will remain on the battlefield until just after the delayed triggered ability has been created. (2019-05-03)
  • If more than one creature dies at once, Massacre Girl’s delayed triggered ability triggers that many times. (2019-05-03)